The Trial of Mother Teresa

by Danielle Blackbird

Minneapolis Theatre Garage
711 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

May 29, 2009 - June 21, 2009

A cage-match for moralists, a Lincoln-Douglas debate for the faithful, a three-ring circus for doubters-all are contained within The Trial of Mother Teresa, directed by nimbus co-Artistic Director Liz Neerland. Outside of space and time, Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc meet for the first time. United by chance in a purgatorial limbo, the two women bond over their lives as religious icons. As they share their thoughts on celebrity and sainthood, the pair is judged by a panel of famous male writers bent on either inquisition or canonization, whichever comes first. This incisive commentary uses gender, faith, and doubt to challenge our deepest beliefs about the nature of privacy in the age of publicity.

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Dramatis Personae

Director Liz Neerland
Playwright Danielle Blackbird
Assistant Director Kate Hanson
Stage Manager Maria Howes
Set Designer Brian Hesser
Sound Designer John McCormick
Costume Designer Amanda Gran
Mother Theresa Roneet Aliza Rahamim
Joan of Arc Jane Froiland
Cardinal 1 Heidi Berg
Cardinal 2 KariAnn Craig
Cardinal 3 Eric Ringham
Cardinal 4 David Otto Simanek
Technical Director Brian Hesser
Charge Artist Ursula K. Bowden
Set Crew Andrea M Gross
Set Crew Andrew Chambers
Set Crew Jesse Corder
Set Crew Josh Cragun