Propaganda for the Converted

by David Spolum

Minneapolis Theatre Garage
711 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

October 28, 2005 - November 20, 2005

The actions of men are a melange of good and evil, of duty and desire, need, drive, and ruthless determination. Knowing this, and seeing that workers are on the verge of revolution, three agitators enter a foreign country to sow the seeds of dissent. Caught in the center of the rebellion is a young woman torn between faithfulness to her cause and compassion for her people.

Propaganda for the Converted, by Philadelphia poet and playwright David Spolum, is a collision orchestrated from Bertolt Brecht's The Measures Taken and T.S. Elliot's The Rock: A Pageant Play. This dramatic fusion pits the opposing belief structures of Communism and Christianity against each other. The result is a uniquely engaging tragedy that examines the role of the individual within society and the subjugation of personal desire to powerful ideologies. As the play's disparate worlds collide the fourth wall breaks apart, forcing the audience to come to terms with their own beliefs about the action on stage and the world beyond it.

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Dramatis Personae

Playwright David Brent Spolum
Director Josh Cragun
Costume Designer Andrea M Gross
Lighting Designer Dennis D. Joslyn
Properties Designer Katie Wigand
Scenic Designer Josh Cragun
Young Comrade Kari Hammer
Dramaturg Robert Larsen
Agitators Julia Fairbanks
Set Crew
Agitators Brian O'Neal
Assasin Rachael Roberts
Graphic Design Ted Olson
Acolyte Samantha Coady
Spear Tip Creation John Egly-Russel
Chorus of the Devout Samantha Coady
Chorus of the Devout Cassandra Cook
Chorus of the Devout Jennifer Strassberg
Chorus of the Devout Rachael Roberts
Control Chorus Brian O'Neal
Control Chorus Katherine Schuster
Control Chorus Julia Fairbanks
Control Chorus Nicole Anderson
Technical Director Kate Hanson
Light Board Operator Liz Neerland