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What is it in us that lies, murders, steals?
nimbus presents Georg Buchner’s Woyzeck

November 5, 2011

nimbus continues its first full season in its new permanent home with a searing tale of paranoia, jealousy, and institutionalization in Georg Buchner’s play Woyzeck,December 2, 2011, and running through December 17, 2011.

Written in 1836, unfinished, and discovered after Buchner's death, Woyzeck tells the story of Franz Woyzeck, a lowly soldier stationed in a small German town, living with his girlfriend Marie with whom he has fathered a child out of wedlock. Exploited by his Captain and the Doctor (whom Woyzeck has agreed to allow to study him), his sanity unravels. Adding insult to injury, Marie's affections wander to a handsome Drum Major. Driven by visions, events, or fate, Woyzeck's tragic path is open to many interpretations but presents a fascinating and complex exploration of social conditions, poverty and morality.  

Woyzeck marks the first nimbus mainstage production to be directed by someone other than Artistic Directors Josh Cragun and Liz Neerland. Director Brian Hesser, a long time collaborator on many nimbus projects, has assembled a cast with whom he plans to explore questions of "impulse versus conditioning,” using movement, improvisation, and ensemble storytelling.  

Woyzeck will be presented December 2nd – 17th  at the Nimbus Theatre, 1517 Central Ave. NE.








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Tickets are $10 on Thursdays and Sundays, $15 on Fridays and Saturdays, and $18 for the opening night performance and gala.  A special pay-what-you-can performance will be held on Monday, December 12th.  Tickets are available by calling nimbus at 612-548-1380 or online at www.nimbustheatre.com.

Tickets are on sale now, and reservations can be made on our website or by calling 612-548-1380.

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