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Rising Waters in Reconstruction Era New Orleans
nimbus premieres The River Becomes Sea

November 20, 2018: nimbus theatre unveils its latest original work, THE RIVER BECOMES SEA, at the Crane Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. Written and directed by Josh Cragun, opening December 1, 2018 and performing through December 16.

Nimbus tells the story of the bloodiest conflict in American Labor History

October 19, 2017: Nimbus' Ludlow runs November 4 - 19

nimbus announces "Redemption" opening April 29

April 19, 2017: Nimbus announces the next show at their new northeast home, a new play confronting the difficulties of re-entering society after incarceration.

The Nail of the North
Nimbus announces the first show at their new northeast home, an adaptation of the epic poem The Kalevala

September 23, 2016: nimbus turns its eye to Finnish folklore and mythology, where the frost sings songs and the rain writes poems; where stories are born in the bellies of giants and men and gods walk side by side. The Kalevala brings us to the fierce lands of the north to deliver a harrowing magical quest, an epic tale with a biker gang mentality.

Theater company announces new arts center in Northeast Minneapolis

July 22, 2016: On July 22, Liz Neerland and Josh Cragun, co-artistic directors of nimbus, a Minneapolis theater company founded in 2001, signed a lease on new a new home at 2303 Kennedy Street NE in Northeast Minneapolis. Nearly doubling the size of their previous space, the 7000 square foot facility, when completed, will allow the company to both expand its production capabilities and solidify its place as a hub and resource for independent theater in the area. Preparations are underway to inaugurate the space with a new original work, The Kalevala, in October.

November 17, 2015: Nimbus Theater will move from its current location on Central Avenue in northeast Minneapolis in January of 2016. Plans are underway for the edgy independent theater to inhabit new digs, and to expand on their success as an artist-driven collaborative with a particular focus on new work.

Five Degrees Port: The difference between safe harbor and a cold, deep watery grave
nimbus to premiere new drama set on the high seas of Lake Superior

October 12, 2015: nimbus announces the premiere of The Storms of November. Written by Josh Cragun and directed by Liz Neerland, opening October 31 and running through November 22nd.

...from the darkness, the voice of the master forger: Look closely, for it is mine.
nimbus to premiere From Darkness

April 26, 2015: From the darkness, a face appears. Lit from within, rendered in oil, charged with mystery and vitality, captivating. Destined to be hung in the most prestigious gallery, admired by millions, discussed, revered, a priceless treasure. And from the darkness, the voice of the master forger: Look closely, for it is mine.

“No one has set foot inside this cave in a very long time…”
nimbus presents "In the Age of Paint and Bone," an original workshop production.

January 19, 2015: In 1879, an eight-year-old girl in Spain discovered something that would forever change the way we viewed ourselves. It would send shockwaves into the worlds of science, religion, and art. Today we are no closer to unraveling a story that didn’t just begin 150 years ago, but at the dawn of consciousness, when humans first put paint to stone and created Art itself.

nimbus to present Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata

October 20, 2014: nimbus presents their 40th show - a powerful new production of Swedish master dramatist August Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata, a seminal work of modernist drama.