Eye to the Future

Eye to the future

We're Moving. Keep Your Eye on Us.

As of January 31, 2016 nimbus no longer resides at 1517 Central. We aren't ready to pull the cover off our plans for the next phase of the company and venue, codenamed nimbus 3.0, but we asure you that we are working hard planning our future at the moment. While we can't give you an address, we can answer some of your questions.

What happened to 1517 Central? Did you get kicked out?

No. Our initial lease term came due, and while we had an option for renewal, it allowed for rate negotiation. We needed to make some changes to the building for code and permit reasons, and the owners didn't want to negotiate on either lease rate or building improvement. It came down to litigate or leave. And given that they wanted nearly 3 times our current rent, we decided to give that money to someone more willing to work with us.

Are you guys done?

Hell no. We are just getting going on our next show, tentatively scheduled in October, and we are working on creating a new, better venue. We need to get a few things in ink before we can announce our plans, but we can tell you this: the future will be bigger and better, but with all the things that made the first venue work so well.

Where are you going to be next? Will it still be in Northeast?

We can't say until we've signed some papers. Once we have, we promise we will be sharing the news wide and far. We would love to stay in Northeast, but not all of the options on the table at the moment are in the same area.

When will the new venue open?

When you are dealing with commercial real estate, timelines are tricky, but we are shooting to open late summer or early fall 2016. 

What will it be like?

Larger. More finished. Better signage and lobby. A new website with a single events calendar. We don't want to promise much more right now, but you get the idea. What we did before, somewhere else, using what we know now to make things even better.

That's about all we can say right now. Keep your eye on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you haven't already, sign up for our mailing list. The future is bright. Keep an eye out for us.