Zach Morgan


This is Zach Morgan's sixth scenic design credit with nimbus, previously having designed The Balcony, Woyzeck, Babel, The Lower Depths, and The Ghost Sonata. A local builder and designer, he has worked for Teatro del Pueblo, Phoenix Theater, Nautilus Music Theater, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, The History Theater, Mixed Blood Theater, Classical Actors Ensemble, Theatre Pro Rata, Old Log Theater, The Ritz Theater, Circus Juventas, including nimbus. In addition, Zach was the carpenter for the Wolf and Moose installation at the Convention Center Plaza, as part of the Creative City Challenge. Zach is presently the new Scene Shop Supervisor at Concordia University, and loving his new job. When not designing, directing, acting, or building, he and his lovely wife Nissa can be found bicycling through Minnehaha falls, catching Pokemon on the street, or playing and repairing pinball. Upcoming: Robin Hood for CB Productions. Zach wishes to expressly thank nimbus and the rest of the brilliant design team for making his work look good!

nimbus production history: 
The Balcony Set Design
Ghost Sonata Director
Babel Set Design
From Darkness Jackson Pollack
The Balcony Set Design
The Lower Depths Set Designer
The Storms of November Bobby Peterson
Woyzeck Woyzeck
From Darkness Samuel Mansfield
Tesla Tesla
The Storms of November Captain
Woyzeck Set Design
Ghost Sonata Set Design
Bohemian Flats Set Crew
The Kalevala Scenic Design