Brian Hesser

Company Position: 
Technical Director

Brian serves as Technical Director for nimbus and is native to the Southside of Minneapolis. He received a B.A. in Theater Arts from Augsburg College. For the past decade he has worked  for a plethora of small (and occasionally large) professional theater companies and educational institutions, as an actor, director, fight choreographer, scenic designer, TD, painter, carpenter, and volunteer.

nimbus production history: 
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The Storms of November 'Dirty' Dan Perkins
The Balcony Arthur
The Lower Depths Bub
The Storms of November Coast Guard
Woyzeck Director
Bohemian Flats Ensemble
The Balcony Fight Captain
Strike-Slip Fight Choreographer
Henry IV Ordulf
Orestes Orestes
Agamemnon Orestes
Bohemian Flats Scenic Design
Orestes Set Crew
Agamemnon Set Crew
Strike-Slip Set Design
Redemption Set Designer
The Trial of Mother Teresa Set Designer
In the Age of Paint and Bone Set Designer
The Kalevala Soppy Hat
The Balcony Tech Director
The Trial of Mother Teresa Technical Director
Babel Technical Director
Strike-Slip Technical Director
Bohemian Flats Technical Director
The Balcony The Executioner